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Here are my NFL combine secrets my friends told me I was crazy to reveal to the public...

"How to Become 
A Football Combine Freak"

Learn proper tips and detailed technique instruction from the NFL Combine Training Expert!

Dear Athlete,

Yes, YOU can achieve excellence in each and every football combine test.  You see, when preparing for a football combine you need a master plan, and I am here to lead you to a plan for combine success.

Imagine... One knockout combine performance could make your football career, one 40 yard dash, one jump, one shuttle.  It could lead to a lucrative scholarship, professional contract or moving up in the NFL Draft which equals millions of dollars.  I am here to help you achieve this. Sounds too good to be true?

If you have access to the lastest techniques for each test and have a specific protocol for each test, you can achieve combine excellence!

A top performance in the 40 yard dash and all of the football combine tests is essential to enhancing an athlete’s career.  From the NFL Combine to Nike combines at the high school level, athletes are looking for the best way to perform and master these tests.


Now, you can have all of the answers in this DVD!

Over the past seven years, the focus of my work has been to provide aspiring athletes and coaches the most cutting edge training techniques for football combines.  I have achieved great results with my best selling “Pro Combine Preparation Manual”, with thousands of athletes nationwide, all of whom have seen drastic changes in their 40 yard dash times, shuttles, vertical and broad jumps, along with their reps on the bench press.  

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Now I want to take your football future and your training to the highest level possible with my new DVD “The Combine Freak”.



The Combine Freak is over 70 minutes of detailed test technique with me doing all of the coaching and instruction on how to master the football combine tests. Unlike other combine training DVD’s out there I cover all of the combine tests, not just three or four.  Each test is broken down step by step, phase by phase to ensure that you become the Combine Freak!


In fact, there is so much test technique instruction in The Combine Freak that my friends and colleagues think I'm crazy for giving away so much information and so many of my inside tips. I want you to have the definitive source, a how-to on the football combine tests, not just for 3 of the tests, but for them all!


Tests Covered in The Combine Freak  40 yard dash start

  • 40 Yard Dash
  • 5-10-5 Shuttle
  • 60 Yard Shuttle
  • L-Cone
  • Vertical Jump
  • Broad Jump
  • Bench Press
  • Sit and Reach
  • Flip and Split
  • V-Sit Test


Also... There's more!

  • Mental Game
  • Shoe/Clothing Selection
  • Testing Process Tips
  • What to Take Testing day
  • Eating and Hydration Tips
  • And much, much more!



Look at My Track Record of Getting Results at the NFL Level

With the Combine Freak DVD you get my cutting edge training tips that have helped Colts RB Joseph Addai, Texans DT Amobi Okoye, Bears DE Mark Anderson, Eagles OG Scott Young, and Titans CB Reynaldo Hill become combine testing Freaks to name a few.  Here is what I accomplished with them.

Joseph Addai - Colts - 4.37 sec. 40 yard dash (Fastest RB at the '06 NFL Combine), 37" Vertical
Mark Anderson - Bears - 4.61 sec. 40 yard dash (Fastest DE at the '06 NFL Combine), 42" Vertical (All-Time NFL Combine DE Record), 10'7" Broad Jump
Lorenzo Booker -  Eagles - 4.43 sec. 40 yard dash (Fastest RB 10 yard time of 1.46 sec), 26 Bench Reps
Scott Young - Browns - 5.03 sec. 40 yard dash at 315 lbs., 43 Bench Press Reps (2005 NFL Combine Record), 36" Vertical Jump
Amobi Okoye - Texans - 4.85 sec. 40 yard dash at 302 lbs.
Brandon London -  Dolphins - 4.47 sec. 40 yard dash
Reynaldo Hill -  Titans - 4.32 sec. 40 yard dash 40" Vertical
Jackie Battle - Chiefs - 4.38 sec. 40 yard dash at 238 lbs.
Melvin Bullitt - Colts - 4.47 sec. 40 yard dash, 40" Vertical, 3.97 sec. 5-10-5 Shuttle
Jon Corto - Bills - 4.53 sec. 40 yard dash, 41.5" Vertical, 6.50 sec. three cone shuttle
Rocky Schwartz - Saints - 4.43 sec. 40 yard dash, 42" Vertical

I have helped these athletes become football combine testing freaks in front of the NFL Scouts, now let me help you!

What You Get!
This digitally mastered DVD is all about detail, the little details make the biggest difference in your combine preparation.  I teach you all of my secrets on how to prepare for the biggest job interview in football. You will get the how to's on everything you need to make serious improvements on your testing scores.

Here is what you will get!

  • Learn how to perform every football combine test in detail


  • Find out how to better your testing scores by counting your steps


  • Master every single combine test from start to finish


  • Select the proper footwear and clothing for each surface


  • Develop a thorough understanding on how to perform the tests


  • Execute the tests with my success protocols for each test


  • Understand how important mental preparation is and why


  •  Learn how to and what to watch for from the scouts  on testing day


Each and every test will be covered from start to finish, broken down into phases for you to easily understand. You will even get to see how my clients perform in front of the NFL Scouts!

In addition I include how to prepare the day before testing day, what to bring, what to drink, what to wear, and how to be perceptive to how the combine is being run.

These are the details that will put you in the right situation for success.

Lets look at some of my success stories....

Joseph Addai - Indianapolis Colts - Super Bowl XLI Champion

Joseph Addai was the top performing running back at the 2006 NFL Combine where he clocked a scorching time of 4.37 in the 40-yard dash.

Joseph achieved this result by executing perfect technique on his first step, something that he and Mike Gough worked relentlessly on in Florida during his NFL Combine preparations.

To understand how Joseph executed this perfect technique find out more in The Combine Freak.


Mark Anderson - Chicacgo Bears - '06 NFL Combine Freak

Mark Anderson went to the NFL Combine in 2006 with something to prove. Scouts had no idea how fast and explosive he was. He proved them wrong. He placed 1st or second in all of the tests for his group.

40-yard dash 4.61 sec.
Broad jump 10'7"
Vertical jump 42"
Three-cone drill 6.95 sec. 
Short shuttle 4.22 sec. 
60 Yard Shuttle 11.75 sec.

Mark's made the most of his NFL Combine performance. To learn the combine test techniques Mark used find out more in The Combine Freak.


Amobi Okoye - Houston Texans 1st round pick - 10th Overall '07 NFL Draft

Only 19 years old I often found myself shaking my head at Amobi Okoye's speed and athleticism. After tweaking his hamstring at the 25 yard mark during the NFL Combine, Amobi imporved his injury plagued 5.02 Combine 40 with a 4.85 sec. 40 yard dash at his Louisville Pro Day.

For a DT at 302 lbs. to clock a 4.85 sec. 40 yard dash, this seperated himself as the top defensive tackle in the 2007 NFL Draft.

How did Amobi run such a fast time? He worked on lengthening his acceleration phase which lead to a dramatic decrease in his 40 yard dash times.

Learn more with The Combine Freak.


Jackie Battle - Kansas City Chiefs - NFL Pro Day Domination

Jackie Battle's NFL Pro Day performance was one of the most dominating performances that Mike Gough has ever seen. Here is what he showed:
Height: 6020
Weight: 238 lbs.
40 Yard Dash 4.39 sec.
Short Shuttle 4.09 sec.
Three Cone  6.59 sec.
Vertical Jump 41"
Broad Jump - 10'11"

"That was one of the greatest workouts I've ever seen," said Tennessee's coordinator of college scouting C.O. Brocato.

When Jackie first arrived to train with me he had no idea how to run the 40 yard dash not to mention all the other combine tests. We had to start from scratch. He was a master of each test and definitely a Combine Freak!



SportsIllustrated.com - Movers and Shakers from the NFL Combine

SI's Tony Pauline reports...
• The top performing running back was Joseph Addai from LSU. After a scorching time of 4.37 in the 40-yard dash, Addai looked comfortable catching the ball and displayed a variety of ball carrying skills.

Battle, Kolb impress NFL scouts at UH workout

"That was one of the greatest workouts I've ever seen," said Tennessee's coordinator of college scouting C.O. Brocato.

"Some had him in the 4.3s," Brocato said. "He put on a fantastic show. He made himself a lot of money. He went from a player going to be drafted in the fifth through seventh rounds to a first-day pick. It was just a fabulous workout."

Battle showed outstanding size and incredible speed. He excelled in every drill. He caught the ball extremely well.

"I mean, that kid's stock shot way up," Brocato said. "If he'd been able (invited) to do that at the combine where every coach and general manager was, he'd be a first-round pick. He showed us everything we wanted to see today."

I hope by now you can see just how important a solid combine performance is.  It is crucial to elevating your football career.

Get Your Copy Now Before It's Too Late!

If you are an athlete, coach, parent or trainer, now is the time to step up to the start line and get the most out of your combine testing. This mind-blowing DVD will change the way you look at the football combine tests.

Where else can you find every combine test covered in such great detail?

The bottom-line is that you won't just become a Combine Freak - you'll also become a student of the combine tests, being able to self teach and self correct yourself.  

It does not end there! 

You will learn breathing techniques, video analysis, time analysis, thought processes, shoe selection, clothing, weather conditions and so much more it amazes even me.

If you're in football and you want to know everything there is on the football combine tests, I think you know what will happen if you don't get this resource, you will always say to yourself "what if....."

If you viewed this DVD after your combine testing, you would pick up a ton of technique refinements that could of have made your combine performance even better.  Follow the detailed technique instruction and "Leave no stone unturned in your preparation."

Who should buy The Combine Freak DVD?

It's for the hard-working athlete who finds it difficult to improve their combine testing scores.

It's for the athlete who thinks they know how to perform the combine tests and are not getting results.

It's for those who are looking for that one secret tip that will take them from a 4.41 to a 4.39 40 yard dash.

It's for athletes, coaches, trainers and family members.

And .. IT'S FOR the athlete who wants to become the COMBINE FREAK.

Truth is, what I have listed doesn't even scratch the surface of what you'll get in The Combine Freak! Once you start playing this detailed DVD you will be blown away with the content - content that gets results on testing day in front of the scouts.  If you are attending a high school combine, AFL, CFL, or NFL tryout or the NFL Combine then you need to prepare with this DVD.

So don't wait any longer to place your order. The first 250 orders will recieve this DVD at a special price of $59.97, once they are gone (very quickly) the price will go up.  SO click the "order now" button right now! 

Or, if you'd prefer, pick up the phone and call 941.907.2288 and place your order on our secure voicemail.


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